Ted Cruz Couldn’t Get Any Creepier…

Apparently he can. He just picked Carly Fiorina to be his Vice President. You might know Fiorina better from her time as a failed executive at HP. You say, “What’s an HP?” My point exactly. I’m not sure why Cruz chose Fiorina, but I assume he needed someone creepier than he was on the bus to make his kids like him better.

Picture Ted Cruz coming to give you a hug. A normal reaction is to move away, the problem is on the other side is Fiorina about to give you a kiss. At that point you jump into Ted’s arms. This guy might be smarter than I originally thought.

It’s OK to be White

I’m glad someone finally said it. You can be proud of your heritage without it turning into a big circle jerk about how great “WE” are. You don’t have to ask people to kick you in the scrotum because you are the descendant of a slave owner. Be your own man or woman and look at yourself as an individual, and do everyone else a solid and treat them in the same way. There is a middle ground between hating yourself over how you were born and hating everyone else because they were not born like you.



ANYONE that has seen both Friends and Martin, but still decides to watch Friends when given a choice of the two is going to be lame.

North Carolina: Discrimination Laws

It absolutely blows my mind that the focus of these set of laws is on who is using what bathroom. From my perspective, conservatives are focusing on this aspect to keep the focus off of being able to discriminate against whomever they want, while continuing with the narrative of the gay predator. Hate to cut it to you, but most of the sexual predators are straight. If there were more homosexual predators you guys would be ecstatic because you would use it for your propaganda. Meanwhile, I have no idea why this has seemingly become the liberal focus. Maybe the goal isn’t equality as much as it is about shaping all the rules. Rules can be changed, but take your adderall and focus on the big picture. All of this just fits my narrative that most people are not interested in equality. Most groups and organizations want to be the majority, wield all the power and make all the rules.

The discrimination aspect is by far the most important issue. Going to your own gendered bathroom isn’t a big deal. The majority of people were born as either a man or a woman. You want to make this issue super simple then let’s just have those individual unisex bathrooms like you see at gas stations. You go in alone, you come out alone. Everyone is safe and happy. Then we all get to move on and focus on the big picture. We have laws that are being passed where they can limit who they serve based on some bullshit reasons. Supposedly religious reasons, but from all the writings, Jesus was a pretty cool laid back dude that loved everyone and was very accepting. Was that Jesus loves me song just about you and not me or anyone else? Personally I hope all the states go through with these laws. I’m not gay, but let me know who wants to discriminate. I like knowing who my enemies are. I will never go to these places. They will never see a dime and I will tell all my friends. A business without customers doesn’t last for long. There’s some smart person with time on their hands that will surely come along and put together a database of all these hate mongering business.

Free Money: How It’s Done with Ebates

So I will cut to the chase. I won’t be on here very often because I have a PhD to work on. Also I make nothing on the site, so for now it’s fun. The good news is that I will check in every once in awhile and come back with new posts. The better news is that I am going to leave you with something that will hopefully generate all of us a little extra money.

There is a cashback site called Ebates. Don’t look it up yet or you’ll miss out on some free money! I have used this website since 2008 and I am still using it today. Ebates is pretty nifty as it has hundreds of retailers that they are affiliated with and you get money back from your purchases in the form of a check or PayPal payment. Payments are sent right around every 3 months. It’s an excellent site for someone that likes to shop online. Is this the only cashback? Not even close, but it has been the most reliable for myself. Granted you don’t always come out with huge amounts of money back, but there have been plenty of times the site has essentially been enough to cancel out my tax. The site seems to be much quicker than others with their payment schedule and in regards to how quickly they confirm your transaction.

I have made nearly $1000 in my time with Ebates. It’s not a fortune, but it’s also $1000 more than I would have had. See if it is for you. FYI, there is a plugin for both FireFox and Chrome. Use my referral link and if you make a purchase we both get free money (min. purchase of $25 within 90 days of signup). Referral link below:


AT&T, Charging You Because We Can

AT&T will charge users a $20 fee to upgrade to a new phone…even if it is a phone you currently own. How do you get around this? Drop your sim card into your own AT&T compatible phone or better yet find a better carrier. I’m not with AT&T, but Cricket is owned by them AND cheaper.